Wikipediaklinik in Brages Pressarkiv, Helsinki

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Brages Pressarkiv is a newspaper archive that has been collecting clippings from the Swedish press in Finland since 1910. Brages has collected and arranged the clipping based on time, location, theme or person – since 1990 in digital form. Older clippings are neatly organized in folders or brown envelopes within brown cardboard boxes. Real sense of an archive!

The archive classifies and geolocates all Swedish news material daily: the media houses don’t provide that information. Since cuts in financing the archive has been forced to argue and align the activities to the national preservation tasks for the press.

Brages Pressarkiv

Brages Pressarkiv

Wikipediaklinik brought a full house of interested attendants. Mikael Böök, a father figure of open knowledge and Wikipedia in Finland, presented the basic guidelines for Wikipedia editing. Fear not, grab the topics!

Jessica Parland-von Essen, the leading lady of the archive, edited the Swedish article about J. G. Granö, a Finnish geographer. The article is significantly shorter than the same article in Finnish.

This topic was raised in the post event discussion: The need to be informed, if an article does not exist in your own language. This applies especially to minority languages with local topics. One of the participants brought up Manypedia! On the other hand we discussed the possibilities of using Wikidata information for bringing up especially missing articles.

Read more about the event Serendipitet bland arkivhyllorna arranged by Brages Pressarkiv, in Swedish

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