Arkistot kuukauden mukaan: huhtikuu 2015

Wikitriathlon at Kiasma


Final results are counted from the post it notes. On the right side the three stages of editing are presented on columns; editors are on the rows. Teemu Perhiö CC BY-SA 2.0

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The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma held a new-kind-of editathon event, ”Wikitriathlon”, on 28 March. Like a real triathlon the event was a multi-stage competition involving three stages of editing: writing an article, editing an existing article and adding links to articles. The game was fair and in the end everybody was awarded the ”first prize”.


There were lots of source material for writing the articles! Teemu Perhiö CC BY-SA 2.0

The staff of Kiasma had hoped that the participants would edit articles related to the artists presented at the exhibitions. At the end of the day 14 new articles were created and 18 existing articles complemented. There were both newcomers and experienced wikipedians present. Hopefully many of the newcomers will stay active and edit articles in the future as well!

In addition to the triathlon model, new approaches to presenting and monitoring the results were tried out. Edits were written on post it notes that were attached to white boards. This way the editors got a better sense of the progression made during the day and could more easily realise their impact on Wikipedia. Participants could also ”book an article” by attaching their own name on top of the article name on a whiteboard. Maybe not so modern approach, but it worked (due to the limitations of the wiki software, more than one people can’t edit a wiki page at the same time).

The Kiasma building had just been renovated, and during the break the participants got a free tour of the new exhibitions Face to Face & Elements. 2013 Kiasma held a ”Wikimarathon”, a 24-hour editathon; this year a Wikitriathlon. Maybe next time we will see a pentathlon-themed event?


Participants editing articles. On the background there are whiteboards for booking articles. Teemu Perhiö CC BY-SA 2.0