Happy New Year!

Today is the first operative day of the new board of Wikimedia Suomi. Welcome new board!

Tommi Kovala continues as a chairman in the board of 2014. Kimmo Virtanen is the second to continue from the previous board. Founding member Niklas Laxström and Ulpu Pajari are quitting, as well as Joonas Suominen. Susanna Ånäs changes roles to become a part-time employee of the association. We are welcoming 7 new members, representing widely the domains of open knowledge and culture in Finland.

Work will be carried out in novel working groups. The board will focus on Wikipedia in education (EDU), partnerships with cultural and memory organizations (GLAM) and cooperation and strategic work in open knowledge and culture (OPEN). This year we look to foster a funnier and more friendly Wikipedia, and there’s a group for that (<3). PR and communications are looked after on many areas of responsibility: newsletters and association’s incoming mail (WMFI), press (PRESS), social media (SOME) and the Wikimedia community (WIKI).

We shall introduce the board members more closely in the coming blog posts.

Chairman Tommi Kovala, EDU (lead), PRESS
Vice chair Kimmo Virtanen, WIKI
Secretary Iivari Koutonen, WMFI
Treasurer Tarmo Toikkanen, EDU

Sanna Hirvonen, GLAM (lead), SOME
Johanna Janhonen, EDU, SOME, <3
Jyrki Lehtinen, WIKI, <3
Jessica Parland-von Essen, GLAM, OPEN, SV-PRESS
Henrik Saari, GLAM, EDU, OPEN, <3

Susanna Ånäs, half-time employee of the Wikimaps project in January–June, GLAM, OPEN (deputy), SOME, <3

Image: Godt Nytaar. The National  Library of Norway, 1916.


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